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9th International Workshop

Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications

WATA 2018
May 22–26, 2018, Leipzig, Germany

Accepted Talks

Bogdan Aman, Gabriel Ciobanu
Timed Migration in Distributed Systems and Weighted Timed Automata
Henrik Björklund, Johanna Björklund, Petter Ericsson
Minimization and Characterization of Order-Preserving DAG Grammars
Johanna Björklund, Frank Drewes, Andreas Maletti, Anna Jonsson
The N-Best Problem for Weighted Hypergraphs over Complete Lattices
Logan Born, Anoop Sarkar
A Weight-Preserving Lexicalization for Weighted Synchronous Context-Free Grammars
Miroslav Ćirić, Jelena Ignjatović, Predrag Stanimirović
Generalized Inverses in the Study of Reversibility in Transition Systems
Louis-Marie Dando, Sylvain Lombardy
Two-way Automata over Locally Finite Semirings
Tobias Denkinger
Practical Problems with Chomsky-Schützenberger Parsing for Weighted Multiple Context-Free Grammars
Manfred Droste, Stefan Dück, Dino Mandrioli, Matteo Pradella
Weighted Operator Precedence Languages
Manfred Droste, Sven Dziadek, Werner Kuich
Logics for Weighted ω-Pushdown Automata
Martin Fränzle, Mahsa Shirmohammadi, Mani Swaminathan, James Worrell
Costs and Rewards in Priced Timed Automata
Roland Friedrich
Types, Codes and TFTs
Zoltán Fülöp, Zsolt Gazdag
Weighted Languages Recognizable by Weighted Tree Automata
Gustav Grabolle
Bimonoid Weighted Linear Dynamic Logic
Jelena Ignjatovic
Weighted Automata: Bisimulation and State Reduction
Zorana Jančić, Ivana Jančić, Stefan Stanimirović
Computation of the Greatest Right and Left Invariant Fuzzy Quasi-Orders and Fuzzy Equivalences
Paulina Paraponiari, George Rahonis
Weighted Propositional Configuration Logics
Paulina Paraponiari, George Rahonis
Logic-based Description of Weighted Architecture Styles
Erik Paul
The Equivalence, Unambiguity and Sequentiality Problems of Finitely Ambiguous Max-Plus Tree Automata are Decidable
George Rahonis, Faidra Torpari
Weighted Context-Free Grammars over Bimonoids
Eli Shamir
O(m^(2+e))-almost Optimal Boolean Matrix Multiplication by Reduction to Finite Automaton Parsing
Aleksandar Stamenković, Stefan Stanimirović
Certain Systems of Matrix Equations over Semirings. Applications in a State Reduction of Weighted Automata
Stefan Stanimirović, Miroslav Ćirić, Jelena Ignjatović
Algorithms for Computing Complete Deterministic Fuzzy Automata via Invariant Fuzzy Quasi-Orders
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