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LNAI 3873
"Charting the Topic Maps Research and Applications Landscape"
TMRA'05 - International Workshop on
Topic Maps Research and Applications
The Westin, Leipzig, Germany
6-7th October 2005
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October, 18 2005
The slides of TMRA'05 are now online available.
October, 7 2005
Lars Marius Garshol blogged all talks of the second day of TMRA'05.
October, 6 2005
Lars Marius Garshol blogged all talks of the first day of TMRA'05.
Sponsors of TMRA'05
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See the TMRA 2006 website!
Open-Space Sessions
Besides the scientific track, open-space sessions are foreseen as playgrounds for visionaries. Both open-space sessions (see Workshop Schedule) provide slots for a more informal and instant exchange of ideas. Discuss your new ideas with the community! The open space sessions are chaired by the Ontopian Lars Marius Garshol.
The slides of the Open Space Sessions (see Thursday and see Friday) are now online available.
What can I present?
Anything (which might be in interest for the Topic Maps community). You will have 5 minutes for your statement and 5 minutes for the discussion.
How to get a slot in the open space session?
To register your statement for an open space session is straight forward: add your name on the list exposed at TMRA'05.
What should I prepare?
Please prepare ONE slide (PPT, PDF) which summarises your statement. Please send this slide to us via email or bring this slide along sur lie with an USB stick.
A summarising report from the open space sessions will be part of the Proceedings.

If you are interested in the TMRA series please subscribe to the newsletter at the TMRA 2006 website.
TMRA'05 is chaired by Lutz Maicher. Please see the program committee.
Author: Lutz Maicher. Last update: 22.09.2005