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"Charting the Topic Maps Research and Applications Landscape"
TMRA'05 - International Workshop on
Topic Maps Research and Applications
The Westin, Leipzig, Germany
6-7th October 2005
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October, 18 2005
The slides of TMRA'05 are now online available.
October, 7 2005
Lars Marius Garshol blogged all talks of the second day of TMRA'05.
October, 6 2005
Lars Marius Garshol blogged all talks of the first day of TMRA'05.
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Call for Papers - TMRA'05
[get PDF Version] TMRA'05 - International Workshop on Topic Maps Research and Applications - provides a forum for community building in the field of Topic Maps research and applications. A main objective of TMRA'05 is to chart the landscape of Topic Maps research. Together we want to identify the primary open issues, who is working on what, bring together researchers and application pioneers, stimulate the systematic tackling of such issues, and foster the exchange of ideas in a non-commercial and stimulating setting. Besides the scientific track, open-space sessions are foreseen as playgrounds for visionaries.
TMRA'05 will take place in The Westin, Leipzig, Germany. TMRA'05 provides an intimate and exciting atmosphere for Topic Maps researchers and application pioneers. It is organised by the Institut für Informations-, Wissens- und Dienstleistungsmanagement, an incorporated non-profit society associated to the University of Leipzig. We are looking for papers with substantial contributions to bring the Topic Maps community together. The workshop language is English.
Topics of TMRA'05
Topics of the workshop include but are not limited to the following objectives:
Standard related Topic Maps research,
- Topic Maps standards - state of the art and further developments
- Query, update and constrain Topic Maps
- Topic Maps applications (TMA) aside the TMDM
- Towards a general theory of scope. The next step.
Theoretic Topic Maps research,
- Overview of current Topic Maps research efforts
- Coining the phrase "seamless knowledge" in detail
- Semantics in Topic Maps from a philosophical point of view
- Topic Maps and the absence of shared vocabularies
- Recommendations for PSIs
- Topic Maps as part of the semantic web
- RDF/OWL, Topic Maps and other means of knowledge representation
- Creating Topic Maps views of various data sources
- Connecting theories about the knowledge economy and Topic Maps
Applied Topic Maps research,
- Overview of innovative Topic Maps applications
- Topic Maps driven portals and information environments
- Topic Maps visualization
- Topic Maps and web services
- Automatic generation of Topic Maps
- Topic Maps and business processes
- Knowledge management (distributed, mobile, etc.) and Topic Maps
- Distributed Topic Maps
- Enterprise information integration (EII) with Topic Maps
- Topic Maps and mobile environments
We invite the submission of full papers to be published in the proceedings (LNCS, Springer foreseen). In addition, work-in-progress reports can be submitted.
Open-Space Sessions
In addition to the presentation track, TMRA'05 provides slots and locations for small open-space sessions, like brainstorming for research and business projects. You are highly encouraged to stage such open-space sessions!

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TMRA'05 is chaired by Lutz Maicher. Please see the program committee.
Author: Lutz Maicher. Last update: 14.09.2005