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"Charting the Topic Maps Research and Applications Landscape"
TMRA'05 - International Workshop on
Topic Maps Research and Applications
The Westin, Leipzig, Germany
6-7th October 2005
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October, 18 2005
The slides of TMRA'05 are now online available.
October, 7 2005
Lars Marius Garshol blogged all talks of the second day of TMRA'05.
October, 6 2005
Lars Marius Garshol blogged all talks of the first day of TMRA'05.
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Keynote - Jack Park talks about
"Topic Mapping: A View of the Road Ahead"
This talk offers one view, among many possible views, of the road ahead for topic mapping. We will propose that the indexical and relational properties of topic maps offer opportunities well beyond the organization and presentation of information resources. Tenets of evolutionary epistemology suggest a particular area of inspiration, the potential marriage of topic maps with other knowledge technologies. The talk is intended to inspire further discussion and research in this area, and will animate the discussion with a sketch of a candiate composition between topic maps and conceptual graphs.
October 6th, 9.00 a.m.

A brief bio of Jack Park
Jack Park is currently employed as a research software developer at SRI International, in Menlo Park, California, where he is a member of a team developing software that will serve to assist people performing knowledge-related tasks by reducing cognitive overload associated with collecting, organizing, and interpreting large bodies of existing information coupled with inflows of new information. Park edited, produced, and co-authored the book XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web, published in 2002 by Addison-Wesley. He spends much of his free time developing topic maps for the web, and watching his two children study their way through college.

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