OpenWalnut: A New Tool for Multi-modal Visualization of the Human Brain

TitleOpenWalnut: A New Tool for Multi-modal Visualization of the Human Brain
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsEichelbaum, Sebastian, Goldau Mathias, Philips Stefan, André Reichenbach, Schurade Ralph, and Wiebel Alexander
AbstractIn the course of the ongoing research into neurological diseases and the function and anatomy of the brain, a large variety of examination techniques has evolved. The different techniques aim at findings for different research questions or different viewpoints of a single task. Considering the different applications, it is evident that, for many research areas, only a combination of multiple techniques can help answering the posed questions. To name only one example, the combination of dwMRI and fMRI with an anatomical context provided by T1 MRI images is very common. To be able to analyze the data measured by the different techniques, a tool that can efficiently visualize the different modalities simultaneously is needed. The software (called {\em OpenWalnut}) we will present in this poster aims at exactly this task. It does not only allow to display the different modalities together, but also provides tools to analyze their interdependence and relations. In the following, we will provide you with an overview of OpenWalnut's features. Its simplicity, making it a useful visualization tool, on the one hand and its powerful and generic framework for computer scientist researchers on the other hand.