iDotter - an interactive dot plot viewer

TitleiDotter - an interactive dot plot viewer
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2017
AuthorsWiegreffe, Daniel, Hausdorf Alrik, Zänker Sebastian, and Zeckzer Dirk
Conference Name25. International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision WSCG 2017
Date Published08/2017
Conference LocationPilsen, Czech Republic
ISBN Number978-80-86943-49-7
KeywordsBioinformatics Visualization, Dot Plots, Tabular Data, User Interfaces
AbstractBioinformaticians judge the likelihood of the overall RNA secondary structure based on comparing its base pair probabilities. These probabilities can be calculated by various tools and are frequently displayed using dot plots for further analysis. However, most tools produce only static dot plot images which restricts possible interactions to the capabilities of the respective viewers (mostly PostScript-viewers). Moreover, this approach does not scale well with larger RNAs since most PostScript viewers are not designed to show a huge number of elements and have only legacy support for PostScript. Therefore, we developed iDotter, an interactive tool for analyzing RNA secondary structures. iDotter overcomes the previously described limitations providing multiple interaction mech- anisms facilitating the interactive analysis of the displayed data. According to the biologists and bioinformaticians that regularly use out interactive dot plot viewer, iDotter is superior to all previous approaches with respect to facilitating dot plot based analysis of RNA secondary structures.