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16 October 2007
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Open-Space Sessions
Very exciting parts of the last TMRA conferences were the open-space sessions held at the end of both conference days. The open-space sessions are chaired by Lars Marius Garshol. An exhaustive report on the open space sessions is published in the Proceedings.
Talks of Day 1
Peter-Paul Kruijsen: Topics as document proxies using kamala
-> get the slides
Quintin Siebers: Curriculum management with Maius CIS (MCIS)
-> get the slides
Xuân Baldauf: Developments towards TM4J 2.0
-> get the slides
Bouvet: High performance Topic Map - The secret of Topic Map caching
-> get the slides
Steve Pepper: Why isn't Topic Maps ruling the world?
-> get the slides
Lutz Maicher, Xuân Baldauf: Why not scoping Subject Identifiers?
-> get the slides
Talks of Day 2
Graham Moore: Topic Maps and Web 3.0
-> get the slides
Lars Marius Garshol: A Topic Maps Wiki
-> get the slides
Dino Karabeg: Knowledge = Mountain
-> get the slides
Hendrik Thomas: Style Language for Topic Maps
-> get the slides
Rani Pinchuk: Merging - What is missing?
-> get the slides
Motomu Naito: ATOMS 2007
-> get the slides
Xuân Baldauf: PSIs for Versioning
-> get the slides
Dmitry Bogachev: COBOL and Topic Maps?
-> get the slides
Maik Preßler: A Graphical Notation for Topic Maps
-> get the slides
Lutz Maicher: Reification vs. Annotation
-> get the slides
Benjamin Bock: Topic Maps Wiki - Yet another approach
-> get the slides
What are Open Space Sessions?
Besides the regular tracks, open-space sessions are foreseen as playgrounds for visionaries at both conference days. They provide slots for a more informal and instant exchange of ideas. Discuss your new ideas with the community!
What can I present?
Anything (which might be of interest for the Topic Maps community). You will have 5 minutes for your statement and 5 minutes for the discussion.
How to get a slot at the open-space sessions?
To register your statement for an open space session is straight forward: add your name on the list exposed at TMRA 2007 or chime in during the session.
What should I prepare?
Please prepare ONE slide (PPT, PDF) which summarises your statement. Please bring this slide along on site with your memory stick.
As in the last years, a summarising report from the open-space sessions will be part of the Proceedings.

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