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16 October 2007
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Call for Papers - TMRA 2007
TMRA 2007 will be the third event in an annual series of international conferences on Topic Maps Research and Applications. TMRA is a scientific and industrial forum whose main object is connecting the key players in the Topic Maps community. Here you will find researchers, advanced users in government and industry, as well as the vendors, the luminaries, and the standards creators gathered for an exchange of ideas in a stimulating setting. TMRA is where new challenges in Topic Maps are identified and open issues tackled.
Besides the keynotes, presented by leading heads of the Topic Maps community, there are science- and industry-oriented parallel tracks. Also poster presentations and demonstrations will be accecpted. The latest ideas from the community will be discussed in the more informal open-space sessions.
"Scaling Topic Maps" - The Motto of TMRA 2007
With the advent of standardised web services for the supply, retrieval and exchange of Topic Maps-centric information, Topic Maps are ready to scale to the web. Topic Maps portals and applications will be able to interact, new business models for content providers will occur, and advanced P2P services for the exchange of topic maps are imaginable. Furthermore Topic Maps is increasingly used in sophisticated projects, so the requirements on the technology will grow with the scaling challenges. The breakthrough of Topic Maps as a paradigm-shifting integration technology relies on the ability to handle scaling environments. The aim of TMRA 2007 is to bring together all current research and developments on this topic.
TMRA is the melting pot where Topic Maps meets adjacent technologies. Researchers and application pioneers from adjoining disciplines are explicitly invited to present their efforts in the advancement of semantic technologies. Some examples, from a remarkably incomplete listing, are: markup languages, information modelling, publishing, portals, enterprise information integration, advanced user interaction, natural language processing, data and multimedia mining, cognitive science, philosophy and software engineering. Mutual discussions of current efforts support to leverage the semantics in Topic Maps technologies.
Topics of TMRA 2007
Topics of the conference (scientific and industrial track, poster sessions) include but are not limited to the following objectives:
Scaling Topic Maps
- Topic Maps Web Services
- Topic Maps P2P systems
- Topic Maps as backbone for Web 2.0
- Semantic Desktops and Topic Maps
- Topic Maps in mobile environments and on mobile devices
- Topic Mapping and social software
- Topic Maps indexing services
- Topic Maps Services and Hosting
- Scaling backends for Topic Maps engines
- Topic Map views on unstructured data (text, video, audio)
- Dynamic Topic Maps views
Standard related Topic Maps research,
- Topic Map standards - state of the art and further developments
- Query, update and constrain topic maps
- Living with XTM 2.0
- Deploying the TMRM
- Towards a general theory of scope. The next step.
- Topic Maps and Metadata
- Recommendations for PSI sets
- Reasoning with topic maps
- Rule Languages and topic maps
- PSIs in heterogeneous environments
Theoretic Topic Maps research,
- Overview of current Topic Maps research efforts
- What are the semantics in Topic Maps?
- Topic maps diff
- Synchronizing topic maps against external data sources
- Connecting theories about the knowledge economy and Topic Maps
- Topic Maps modelling methodologies
- Graphical modelling languages for Topic Maps
- Transaction support in Topic Maps manipulation
- Topic Maps and DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
Applied Topic Maps research,
- Overview of innovative Topic Maps applications
- Implementing Topic Maps Engines
- Topic Maps driven portals and information environments
- Topic Maps visualization
- Automatic generation of topic maps
- Topic Maps and business processes
- Topic Maps in knowledge and content management
- Topic Maps in news aggregation
- Enterprise information integration (EII) and Topic Maps
Application domains for Topic Maps,
- Topic Maps in biology
- Topic Maps in e-Learning
- Topic Maps and cultural heritage
- Topic Maps and (digital) libraries
For the scientific track, we invite the submission of full papers to be published in the proceedings (LNCS/LNAI, Springer foreseen). For the industrial track, we invite the submission of short papers to be published in the proceedings (LNCS/LNAI, Springer foreseen) or presentation proposals. In addition, posters and demonstrations can be submitted.
Open-Space Sessions
In addition to the presentation track, TMRA 2007 provides slots and locations for open-space sessions, like brainstorming for research and business projects. You are highly encouraged to stage such open-space sessions!
If you are interested in teaching an in-depth introduction of your cutting edge technology to an interested audience, staging a tutorial at tutorials@TMRA might be appropriate.
We invite original, high quality submissions with substantial contributions to the objectives of TMRA 2007, published in this document. The proceedings of TMRA 2007 are foreseen to be published by Springer in the LNCS/LNAI series as post-proceedings. The conference language is English. Submission deadline is 22 June 2007 (extended). All submission details are given in the Submission Guidelines.

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