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TMRA 2007 "Scaling Topic Maps"
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16 October 2007
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The TMRA conference series - an Overview
TMRA - the international conference series on Topic Maps Research and Applications - is a scientific and industrial forum whose main object is connecting the key players in the Topic Maps community. Here you will find researchers, users in government and industry, as well as the vendors, the luminaries, and the standards creators gathered for an exchange of ideas in a stimulating setting. TMRA is where new challenges in Topic Maps are identified and open issues tackled.
Topic Maps is a semantic technology designed for the integration of information and knowledge, and is as such closely connected with other information-centric technologies. TMRA is the melting pot where Topic Maps meets adjacent technologies. Researchers and application pioneers from related disciplines are explicitly invited to present their efforts towards the advancement of semantic technologies. Some examples, from a remarkably incomplete listing, are: markup languages, data modelling, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, cognitive science, philosophy, and software engineering.
Besides the keynotes, there are science- and industry-oriented parallel tracks. Also poster presentations and demonstrations will be accepted, and the latest ideas from the community are presented in the more informal open-space sessions.
TMRA features a full day of tutorials prior to the regular conference program. Tutorials@TMRA provides a platform to present and attend high quality lectures and instruction on a variety of topics relevant to the topic mapping field. Tutorial sessions offer participants an opportunity to learn about new areas of topic maps research, to get an introduction to important established topics, or to develop higher skill levels in areas in which they are already knowledgeable.
TMRA - the international conferences on Topic Maps Research and Applications - take place annually in October in Leipzig, Germany. It is organised by the Zentrum für Informations-, Wissens- und Dienstleistungsmanagement.
We are always looking for original, high quality papers with substantial contributions. The proceedings of TMRA are published by Springer in the LNAI series as post-proceedings. The conference language is English. Submission deadline for all contributions is early summer.

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