About FAnToM

FAnToM stands for Field Analysis using Topological Methods (see Fig. 1) and represents a visualization system that most of the flow visualization research in our group is based on. FAnToM was initiated by Prof. Scheuermann, head of the Image and Signal Processing Group at the University of Leipzig and has been constantly developed further for now more than 14 years.

Fig. 1: FAnToM GUI

The system primarily aims at applications from different engineering disciplines, like fluid mechanics. Thereby, one of the main advantages of our system is that it supports a broad range of file formats which can contain scalar, vector and tensor fields which can be defined on various different grid types.

FAnToM distinguishes between data and visualization algorithms. These are implemented as plugins and can be easily integrated into the system on demand. Thereby, FAnToM implements a strict pipeline structure. Each data algorithm produces results in form of a new field, which can be further used by a subsequent algorithm that computes another new field or visualizes the previously computed results. Therefore, it can be used very intuitively.

All algorithms that have been executed in one session can be saved as a FAnToM project file. These files allow to automate operating cycles by supplementing them for example with varying parameters, loops and certain conditions that control the execution of the algorithms. This makes FAnToM a very flexible and effective tool for scientific visualization.

To learn more about the key features of FAnTom, see the example scenario "Surface Topology" and the following example videos: