About us

The FAnToM developer team mainly consists of doctoral students of the image and signal processing group, who research in the field of flow visualization and other related visualization areas. By name these are

  • Roxana Bujack
  • JP Dr. Mario Hlawitschka,
  • Markus Hütter,
  • Dr. Jens Kasten,
  • Stefan Koch,
  • Wieland Reich,
  • Steven Schlegel and
  • Sebastian Volke.

The main software engineer of FAnToM is Stefan Koch who works in very close collaboration with JP Dr. Mario Hlawitschka and Dr. Jens Kasten, who are our most experienced scientific staff members and programmers. Our aspiration is to further extend our team in the near future by some student assistants.

Alongside our FAnToM development team, there are two more major software projects, namely OpenWalnut and libgraph in the image and signal processing group. This gives us the opportunity for a great exchange of software engineering capabilities. Therefore, we are able to implement high quality software systems even in a research environment.

The previous system development of FAnToM was led and accompanied by a certain number of great researchers in flow visualization. These were:

The two latter former developers initiated the actual redesign of FAnToM, which is continued by above-mentioned developers. Thereby we are glad, that Christian Heine is still contributing to our software project. Thanks to their substantial research results, their numerous innovative ideas and their constant support of our FAnToM project, FAnToM has been established as a powerful visualization system over the last 14 years.