Interactive visualization of highly complex structure and function data from medicine and neuroscience


The goal of this cooperative project consisting of a SME and three research institutes is to develop novel approaches for effective and interactive visualization of multi-modal data from medicine and neuroscience. Prototypes of product for clinical routine and neuroscientific research should be developed. The most innovative aspect of the developed software solutions is to incorporate diffusion-weighted MR images into time- and spatially- depended EEG data. The invasive measured EEG data is embedded into anatomical context using common brain maps. Due to the cooperation with the research institutes it is ensured that (1) the prototypes comply to the demands of the respective researchers and that it is evaluated correctly and (2) the required visualization technology is available which is far beyond the available standard solutions.


January 2009 till December 2010


Dr. Alexander Wiebel
Dipl.-Inf. Ralph Schurade
Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Eichelbaum
Dipl.-Inf. Mathias Goldau