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TMRA 2006 "Leveraging the Semantics"
Campus Villa Ida
Leipzig, D
tutorials@TMRA 10, Oct.
TMRA 2006 11-12, Oct.
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September 29, 2006
The proceedings of TMRA will be published by Springer in the LNAI series.
September 29, 2006
Topincs is online for collaborative tm-blogging of TMRA 2006.
July 27, 2006
The registration of TMRA 2006 is open. Please be aware of our early bird registration fees due August, 15th.
Flyer TMRA 2006
Call for Tutorials
Topic Mapping TMRA 2006 with Topincs
Topincs is a tool for collaborative knowledge logging and is hosting a Topic Maps based knowledge store for TMRA 2006.
If you have registered to TMRA you are provided an account to share your findings before, during and after the conference. You are welcome to take notes, comment on talks, and document the conference content for future reference.
Topincs is a web-based application for creating topic maps and offers features to ease this process. It provides auto completion of topic names when creating references and supports your ontological decisions by suggesting occurrence and association types based on the content of the store.
Your active participation will help to document the TMRA 2006 for everybody, even for those who are not able to participate. And it will result in the additional benefit of "googling" less.
If you have registered to TMRA 2006 please contact Robert Cerny by email to receive your already created password. You can change your password in Topincs under Options->Account. You can access TMRA 2006 by following this link.
If you have not registered to TMRA 2006 you are invited to observe TMRA live by following this link. Please contact Robert Cerny by email to get an account.

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TMRA 2006 is chaired by Lutz Maicher, Lars Marius Garshol and Alexander Sigel. Please see the program committee.
Author: Lutz Maicher. Last update: 25.09.2006
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