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Windsurfing is my favorite hobby. I started it when I was 12 years old. At the following two pictures you can see
my little brother , me, my father and my uncle
in the early days. Once upon a time .. we had the Ostermann Windglider and the famous "Delta I" (a course racing board made in GDR ;-) . I don't remember the time when these photos were taken but the place was the "Plauer See" (the lake near the town Plau located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

Today I have a Tiga 257 (classic shape, I don't like the awfull no-nose design). On the next two pictures you can see me at Klitmøller in Denmark doing an
ordinary jibe and a chop-hop (for the photo). The quality of the photos should be better but a good "underwater" camera is very expensive ;-)

classic cars and bikes

My second hobby is my old car . Have a look at it. Its older than me and still "running". Here are some technical data of it. If you like this car take a look to the 311-er Gallery - the ongoing webpage about the Wartburg 311-series.

I have also an old motorbike from MZ. Reconstruction has been finished. You can watch it here (page in german).

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