Matti Berthold



R.Baumann, M.Berthold: Limits and Possibilities of Forgetting in Abstract Argumentation
Accepted for Publication in: Proceedings of the 19th edition of the International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning (NMR'21), November 2021

M.Berthold, R.Gonçalves, M.Knorr, J.Leite: A Syntactic Operator for Forgetting that Satisifes Strong Persistence [preprint]
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Volume 19, Special Issue 5-6 (35th International Conference on Logic Programming) September 2019, pp. 1038-1055

M.Berthold, R.Gonçalves, M.Knorr, J.Leite: Forgetting in Answer-Set Programming with Anonymous Cycle [preprint]
EPIA 2019: Progress in Artificial Intelligence, pp. 552-565

M.Berthold: Extending the DIAMOND System to work with GRAPPA
SAFA@COMMA 2016, pp. 52-62


Wintersemester 20/21:Wissensrepräsentation Praktikum
Sommersemester 2020:Spurtheorie
Wintersemester 19/20:Diskrete Strukturen
Sommersemester 2019:Logik