Visual Exploration of Musicians and Institutions

TitleVisual Exploration of Musicians and Institutions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsKhulusi, Richard, Focht Josef, and Jänicke Stefan
Conference NameEADH 2018: Data in Digital Humanities 2018
Date Published12/2018
Conference LocationGalway Ireland
AbstractProsopography is a tool for humanities scholars to analyze common characteristics of a historical group, and prosopographical databases have been a particular focus of recent works. The latter example has been the basis for developing various visualizations to investigate various research questions facilitating a closer look at musician’s biographies and their commonalities. Jänicke et al. presented MusikerProfiling, a visual analytics system to extract musicians with similar careers and biographical characteristics. Khulusi and Jänicke outlined a system giving a distant reading view on the biographies of around 30.000 musicians. Albeit these works give an appropriate view on the musicians biographies, they only support investigating certain research questions. One reason is that some meta-data remains unused, e.g., the affiliations of musicians to (118) musical institutions, which became a subject of interest to our collaborating musicologists. In this paper, we present a visualization that helps analyzing the relationships between musicians belonging to musical institutions, and furthermore, our system allows for observing the evolution of 114 different musical professions. Our approach diverges from Jänicke et al.’s social network visualization as we foster a multifaceted analysis of musicians by arranging related musicians in a temporal context depending on their professions, relationships and institutions.