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In Press
On the Visualization of Hierarchical Relations and Tree Structures with TagSpheres, Jänicke, Stefan, and Gerik Scheuermann , Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics - Theory and Applications, (In Press)
Analyzing Histone Modifications Using Tiled Binned Clustering and 3D Scatter Plots, Zeckzer, Dirk, Wiegreffe Daniel, and Müller Lydia , Journal of WSCG, 05/2018, Volume 26, Issue 1, p.1-10, (2018)
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RNApuzzler: Efficient Outerplanar Drawing of RNA-Secondary Structures, Wiegreffe, Daniel, Alexander Daniel, Stadler Peter F., and Zeckzer Dirk , Bioinformatics, 09/2018, (2018)
The Sierra Platinum Service for generating peak-calls for replicated ChIP-seq experiments, Wiegreffe, Daniel, Müller Lydia, Steuck Jens, Zeckzer Dirk, and Stadler Peter F. , BMC Research Notes, 07/2018, (2018)
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Coarse-Graining Large Search Landscapes using Massive Edge Collapse, Volke, Sebastian, Middendorf Martin, and Gerik Scheuermann , Topology-Based Methods in Visualization 2017, (2017)
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iDotter - an interactive dot plot viewer, Gerighausen, Daniel, Hausdorf Alrik, Zänker Sebastian, and Zeckzer Dirk , 25. International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision WSCG 2017, 08/2017, Pilsen, Czech Republic, p.117-124, (2017)
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Critical Points of Gaussian‐Distributed Scalar Fields on Simplicial Grids, Tom Liebmann, and Gerik Scheuermann , EuroVis 2016, 18th EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization, (2016)
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Measuring Event Probabilities in Uncertain Scalar Datasets using Gaussian Processes, Schlegel, Steven, Volke Sebastian, and Gerik Scheuermann , WSCG, (2016)
Multi-Modal Visualization of Probabilistic Tractography, Goldau, Mathias, and Mario Hlawitschka , Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences, Volume III, (2016)