Analysis and Visualization of Tractography Algorithms and Data


Modern imaging methods allow resolutions below 1mm and thus provide detailed structural information on the human brain. To evaluate these information, a huge amount of calculations and algorithms are needed. One of these algorithms is the class of tractography algorithms. They allow finding global structures, tracking and bundling them. Another very important part of the evaluation chain is the visualization of these data.
In this project, existing methods shall be analyzed, compared and performance-optimized on a GPU-basis. Furthermore, the project aims at the development of clustering algorithms and the optimal visualization of tractography data. The tight cooperation between the neuroscientists of the Max-Planck-Institutes for Cognitive and Brain Sciences and neurological research provides for a tight coupling to up-to-date research in this area and ensures demand-oriented results.


01.01.2012 - now


Universität Leipzig


Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Eichelbaum
Dipl.-Inf. Mathias Goldau
Dipl.-Inf. Stefan Philips
Dipl.-Inf. André Reichenbach