Informationen zur Computer-Algebra

H.-G. Gräbe: Verschiedene Software-Projekte

H.-G. Gräbe: Cali
Cali is a REDUCE Package for Commutative Algebra

H.-G. Gräbe: GeoProver
The GeoProver is a small package for mechanized (plane) geometry manipulations with non degeneracy tracing, available for different CAS platforms (Maple, MuPAD, Mathematica, Maxima and Reduce).

GeoFuchs is a small Java based DGS prototype developed by several of my students during 2003-2005.

The SymbolicData Project
The SymbolicData Project unified efforts to collect digital data for profiling, testing and benchmarking Computer Algebra Software from various Symbolic Computation Communities together with concepts, tools and experience for their management both globally and also for special profiling, testing and benchmarking purposes at a local site.