• Ray Reiter Best Paper Award (KR 2020) [laureate] [pic] [web]
    Comparing Weak Admissibility Semantics to their Dung-style Counterparts – Reduct, Modularization, and Strong Equivalence in Abstract Argumentation [pdf] (together with G. Brewka and M. Ulbricht)

  • Best Evaluated Student Course (Summer term 2019)
    lecture: Logic (Student Course Evaluation at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science)

  • Nominated for Ray Reiter Best Paper Award (KR 2018, among the five best papers) [laureate]
    If Nothing is Accepted - Repairing Argumentation Frameworks [pdf] (together with M. Ulbricht)

  • Distinguished Paper Award (FOIS 2016) [pic]
    Towards an Ontology of Space for GFO [pdf] (together with F. Loebe and H. Herre)

  • Second Best Dissertation in Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI Dissertation Award 2013) [web] [pic1] [pic2]
    Metalogical Contributions to the Nonmonotonic Theory of Abstract Argumentation [pdf]

  • First Runner-Up for the Best Paper Award (FOIS 2012) [laureate]
    Ontology of Time in GFO [pdf] (together with F. Loebe and H. Herre)

  • ;) my current Erdös Number is 3 witnessed by the following path
    1. Saharon Shelah (1972) [] 2. Dov Gabbay (1980) [] 3. Ringo Baumann (2020) []