Call for Participation

The Visualization in Environmental Sciences 2014 (EnvirVis 2014) workshop is a co-located event of EuroVis 2014 and invites both contributions in the field of visualization and visual data integration with a broad application area in environmental research.


In the previous years, research in environmental sciences has become more and more important as we are faced with increasing problems concerning climate change, water scarcity, pollution of the environment or changes in biodiversity. Visualization of complex monitoring data or results from simulation of natural phenomena such as groundwater processes or migration of animal species under changing natural conditions is a crucial step for understanding the measured data, finding correlations and discovering ways to convey research results to the public. However, as data sets are highly heterogeneous, visualization is a complex task. Large differences in the spatial and temporal resolution of data sets are the most obvious challenges when working with data sets from different sources. Other typical problems include the quality of measurements, inconsistencies between data sets, or the integration of multiple data sets for numerical simulations. The amount of data and the heterogeneity of the information are key problems for visualization, simulation and the subsequent understanding of research results. Besides applying established visualization techniques to geoscientific data, advances are also made with the help of high-performance computing, virtual reality environments as well as specialized hardware.

The EnvirVis workshop invites contributions with a broad application area in environmental research from both visualization and environmental sciences. Our goal is to raise awareness to importance of visualisation in geosciences and to establish a forum for interdisciplinary discussions.

Addressed application areas

  • Climate research, atmosphere modeling
  • Geology, geography, geophysics
  • Soil and groundwater research
  • Energy resources and waste management
  • Land use research
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Date and Location

The EnvirVis workshop will be held in conjunction with the EuroVis 2014 Conference in Swansea, UK on 9. and 10. June, 2014, preceding the main conference. Workshop and conference will be held at the Taliesin Arts Theatre on the Swansea University Campus.

Submission Guidelines

Papers can be submitted using the SRM Conference Management System.

The submission guidelines for workshop papers are identical to those of EuroVis short paper submissions. Submission should not exceed the page limit (4 pages without references, 5 pages including reference).

Please refer to the EuroVis short paper submission guidelines for detailed information.

Formatting Instructions

In order to submit the camera-ready EnvirVis 2014 Short Papers, authors need to prepare their submissions as a PDF file using the EnvirVis 2014 Short Paper LaTeX2e style. -- If you have any questions concerning the format please send us an e-mail.

For further information, please contact : karsten.rink (at)