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Topology-based methods are of increasing importance in the analysis and visualization of all types of field data. Major application areas are fluid dynamics simulations, medical signals (e. g. DT-MRI, EEG, MEG) and dynamical systems. Other application areas are evolving as well. Current challenges of topology based analysis and visualization methods are e. g. unsteady data, large data, multiple fields and the relation to application-specific features. While we see an increasing number of research results in the area, we want to encourage further effort in the field and bring together specialists from all countries.

The workshop follows the successfull workshop TopoinVis 2005 in Budmerice. It will be held in an open atmosphere of informal discussions, open exchange and personal interaction.

Paper submissions are invited from the following areas in visualization:

o topology-based visualization and computational topology
topology of scalar, vector and tensor fields
topology of (un)stationary surfaces and stable manifolds
vortex, shock and separation structures
analysis of dynamical systems and physical flows
discrete vector fields and differential forms
topology- and feature-based visualization
o applications of topology-based visualization

Submissions are peer-reviewed before the workshop. All accepted papers must be presented at the workshop. A selection of the presentations are invited for publication in the Springer series "Mathematics and Visualization".

Important dates:

Abstract          10. Nov. 2006
Paper              24. Nov. 2006
Notification      14. Jan. 2007
Submission for second review cycle for book 14. Apr. 2007

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