Monday, 4. June 2018

09:00-09:15  Welcome
09:15-10:40  Session I: Weather and Climate (Chair: Karsten Rink)

Florian Windhager, Günther Schreder, Eva Mayr
On Inconvenient Images: Exploring the Design Space of Engaging Climate Change Visualizations for Public Audiences

Christopher P Kappe, Michael Böttinger, Heike Leitte
Topology-based Feature Detection in Climate Data

Kathrin Feige, Sibylle Haucke, Aiman Younis, Bruno Zürcher, Bo Bergmann, Dirk Heizenreder
Making sense of weather data: The meteorological workstation NinJo

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break

11:10-12:50  Session II: Lakes and Oceans (Chair: Kathrin Feige)

Soumya Dutta, Riley X. Brady, Mathew E. Maltrud, Philip Wolfram, Roxana Bujack
Leveraging Lagrangian Analysis for Discriminating Nutrient Origins

Shehzad Afzal, Sohaib Ghani, Garth Tissington, Sabique Langodan, Hari Prasad Dasari, Dionysios Raitsos, John Gittings, Tahira Jamil, Madhusudhanan Srinivasan, Ibrahim Hoteit
RedSeaAtlas: A Visual Analytics Tool for Spatio-temporal Multivariate Data of the Red Sea

Karsten Rink, Erik Nixdorf, Lars Bilke
A Virtual Geographic Environment for Multi-Compartment Water and Solute Dynamics in Poyang Lake, China

12:50 - 14:10 Lunch break

14:10-15:50 Keynote (Chair: Gerik Scheuermann)

Colin Ware

Human Perception and Visual Thinking Tools for Environmental Science

Visualizations are cognitive support tools. They take advantage of human pattern perception,
support working memory and help with cognitive model building.  Lessons for cognitive tool
building will be developed with three examples relating to the environment. The first is a tool
for analyzing a marine food web, it informs the need to design so that the inner workings of a
model can be understood. The second is visualization software for analyzing the behavior of
tagged marine mammals. Its design was informed by studies of visual working memory. The
third is a model of seaweed architecture, with lessons for mental model building and the role
of visualization in explanation.

15:50-16:20 Coffee break

16:20-17:50  Session III: Ecosphere and Infrastructure (Chair: Roxana Bujack)

Vung Pham, Tommy Dang:
SOAViz: Visualization for Portable X-ray Fluorescence Soil Profiles

Stefan Jänicke
Visual Exploration of the European Red List

18:50-18:00  Closing

19:50 - Workshops Reception