Monday, 4. June 2018

09:00-09:15  Welcome
09:15-10:40  Session I: Atmosphere (Chair: Karsten Rink)

Anatoliy Antonov, Gerrit Lohmann, Dr. Monica Ionita, Mihai Dima, Lars Linsen
Interactive Visual Exploration of Teleconnections in Atmospheric Dataset

Michal Koutek, Ian van der Neut
Web-based 3D Meteo Visualization: 3D Rendering Farms from a New Perspective 

Kathrin Feige, Rafael Posada, Ulrich Blahak
Developing a Concept to Visualize Object-basedWeather Forecasting Ensembles 

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break

11:10-12:50  Session II: Hydrosphere (Chair: Stefan Jänicke)

Divya Banesh, Joanne Wendelberger, Mark Petersen, James Ahrens, Bernd Hamann
Change Point Detection for Ocean Eddy Analysis 

Vinh The Nguyen, Tommy Dang
Predict Saturated Thickness using TensorBoard Visualization

Meng Ling, Jeff Johnson, Zhiquan Feng, Jian Chen
How To Look at Data: Environmental Practitioners' Lens Through Two Case Studies

12:50 - 14:20 Lunch break

14:20-16:00 Keynote (Chair: Gerik Scheuermann)

Helen-Nicole Kostis

Tales from the Orbit: In Search of the Visual Truth

Data are becoming increasingly complex and voluminous, a trend that will continue
to grow as scientific research evolves. For unless we are up to the challenge to turn
data into meaningful content that permeates knowledge we have not completed our
quest for discovery. NASA’s Science Storytelling Team has been exploring the landscapes
of science communication, education and outreach through visualization. In our efforts
to explain to the public how complex phenomena work, we need to present the
relationships between collected and observed data and translate concepts to simple
relatable messages that are visually compelling and with scientific integrity. In this talk,
I will share the collective efforts of our team and recount some of the personal discoveries
experienced by scientific visualization practitioners during their course of work.

Contributors: William Bridgman, Kel Elkins, Leann Johnson, Joycelyn Jones, Alex Kekesi,
                      Michael Lentz, Michael McClare, LK Ward, Scott Wiessinger, Ernie Wright.

Special thanks to USRA/GESTAR

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

16:30-18:10  Session III: Ecosphere and Infrastructure (Chair: Karsten Rink)

Stefan Jänicke
TreeeX: Exploring the Diversity of Tree Species 

Johannes Häußler, Manuel Stein, Daniel Seebacher, Halldor Janetzko, Tobias Schreck, Daniel Keim
Visual Analysis of Urban Traffic Data based on High-Resolution and High-Dimensional Environmental Sensor Data 

Samantha Molnar, Kenny Gruchalla
Visualizing Electric Power Systems as Flow Fields

Jérémy Wambecke, Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Renaud Blanch, Romain Vergne
What if we use the What if Approach for Eco-Feedback? Designing an Electricity Consumption Analysis for Layman Users

18:00-18:10  Closing

19:50 - Workshop Reception