We made some reservations at the

Gästehaus Ritterstrasse 12
04109 Leipzig

for the prices of

41 Euro per night for single room
47 Euro per night for double room

and breakfast is not included. The reservations are given on a first-come-first-serve basis and should be made by May 20, at the latest. The contact person is Frau Stäritz via (use the code word "GTG conference")

phone+49-341-97 32 030
fax+49-341-97 32 049

If you made a reservation, you can obtain the key for your room

Mo-Fr, 7.00-15.00,at the Gästehaus itself
Mo-Fr, 15.30-23.30, and on weekends, 5.00-23.30, at the staff entry of the Gewandhaus.

Rooms are available from 13:00. All details regarding the keys you can find also here.

To find another hotel in Leipzig you may try this link.