July 2-3, 2004 at the University of Leipzig, Germany

We are very happy to announce the following lectures:

L. Fuchs (New Orleans)Valuated Butler groups of finite rank
R. Göbel (Essen)How rigid are reduced products?
W. Hojka (Wien)Das Fundamentalgruppoid einer proendlich
verklebten Schar topologischer Räume
S. Joachim (Würzburg)Regulatorketten in Butlergruppen
D. Kuske (Dresden)Singular braid monoids are automatic
K. Strambach (Erlangen)Imprimitive Gruppen, mehrfach scharf
transitiv auf Blöcken
J. Trlifaj (Prag)Matlis localizations
R. Winkler (Wien)On a certain class of functions on
LCA-groups having a unique mean
The lectures will take place in
Rektoratsgebäude, Neuer Senatssaal
Ritterstr. 16, Leipzig
This is in the center of Leipzig, within easy walking distance (5 min.) from the central railway station.
It would be very helpful for the organization if you could let the local organizer know if you intend to participate.
The conference program is also available as a pdf document.
We have made preliminary reservation of a limited number of rooms for the participants of GTG until June 20 at the university guesthouses
"Gästehaus Ritterstraße"Ritterstrasse 12price: 40 euro
"Gästehaus Villa Tillmanns"Wächterstrasse 30price: 50 euro
See http://www.uni-leipzig.de/%7Eabz/index.html.
To obtain these, please contact Ms. Staeritz via
phone+49 - 341 - 973 2030
The rooms will be allotted on a first come - first serve basis.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the following.
Peter Plaumannpeter.plaumann@mi.uni-erlangen.de
Karl Strambachstrambach@mi.uni-erlangen.de
Manfred Drostedroste@informatik.uni-leipzig.de
It would be very nice meeting you on this occasion in Leipzig.