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DFG Graduiertenkolleg QuantLA
Reading Group Temporal Real-Time Logics
The topic of this reading group is 'Real-time temporal logics' - timed extensions of classical temporal logics like Linear temporal logic (LTL) and Computation Tree Logic (CTL). We started with reading the paper "On the expressiveness of TPTL and MTL" by Bouyer, Chevalier, and Markey. This was a nice starting point for learning syntax and semantics of two different extensions of LTL, namely TPTL and MTL; understanding the difference between pointwise and interval semantics; and learning methods for comparing the expressiveness between two logics.
We will continue our studies with reading "Real-time logics: Complexity and Expressiveness" by Alur and Henzinger. You are very welcome to join the reading group in the summer semester.
When and Where
Fridays, 10 a.m. room A 416.
1. Bouyer, Chevalier, Markey: On the expressiveness of TPTL and MTL
2. Alur, Henzinger: Real-time logics: Complexity and Expressiveness
3. Ouaknine, Worrell: On the Decidability and Complexity of Metric Temporal Logic
4. Finkel, Schnoebelen: Well-Structured Transition Systems Everywhere!