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Karin Quaas
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I am postdoc in the research group Automata and Formal Languages headed by Manfred Droste. My research interests are real-timed systems and logics, counter automata, and weighted automata. I am also the head of the DFG-funded research project Verification of Weighted Timed Automata and associated member of the DFG research training group Quantitative Logics and Automata.
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Recent Talks
Synchronizing Data Words for Register Automata, MFCS 2016. pdf
Formalisms for Data Languages, Part I: Register Automata and Freeze LTL. QuantLA Springschool, May 2016. pdf
Timed Systems extended with Stacks, Counters and More. Seminar of the Dep. of Comp. Science, Oxford 2014. pdf
EF Games for MTL and TPTL over Non-Monotonic Data Words. LogInf 2013. pdf
Kleene Algebra and Semimodules for Energy Functions. Reachability Problems 2013. pdf
Model Checking Metric Temporal Logic over Automata with One Counter. LATA 2013. pdf
The Fruitful Interplay of Weighted Timed Automata and Weighted Automata. WATA 2012. ps pdf
On the Interval-Bound Problem for Weighted Timed Automata. LATA 2011. ps pdf
Recognizability of Supports of Recognizable Series over the Semiring of the Integers is Undecidable (joint work with Daniel Kirsten). WATA 2010. ps pdf
Teaching / Lehre
WS 2015/2016: Automata over Sets with Atoms (Reading Group of the QuantLA Graduiertenkolleg)
SS 2015: Vorlesung Verifikation
WS 2014/15: Übungen zur Vorlesung Logik von Prof. Maletti
SS 2014: Real-timed Automata
SS 2014: Bachelorseminar Automatentheorie: Compilerbau
SS 2013: Real-time Temporal Logics (Reading Group of the QuantLA Graduiertenkolleg)
WS 2012/13: Echtzeitautomaten
WS 2010/11: Übungen zur Vorlesung Automaten und Sprachen von Prof. Droste