Web Programming

Winter 2006/2007

The University of Leipzig

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Date Lecture Topic Laboratory Course Project
13.10 Installation Instructions Software Installation  
20.10 PHP Basics Normal Distribution  
27.10 PHP Data Manipulation Calendar  
3.11 PHP OOP Queues and Priority Queues  
10.11 MySQL Basics ER Diagram and Queries  
17.11 PHP Database Queries, Forms Account Verification  
24.11 PEAR PEAR Installation  
1.12 no lecture - dies Academicus no lab  
8.12 PHP Database Writing Database Insertion  
15.12 Sessions Deutsche Bahn  
5.1 JavaScript Client-Side Validation  
12.1 Authentication Work on Project  
19.1 Errors and Error Handling Work on Project  
26.1 Reports, Templates Work on Project  
2.2 AJAX no lab Project

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Last modified: February 13, 2007.