Practical Applications of Data Structures and Algorithms

Winter 2006/2007

The University of Leipzig

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Date General Topic Lecture Material Laboratory Assignment
More Practice
11.10 Simple IO Tire Dimensions Paint Mix Random Walk
18.10 Base Conversions
Large Numbers
Faulty Odometer IP Address Analysis Reverse and Add
25.10 ACM Programming
1.11 Combinatorics Smallest Difference Suit Distribution Match
8.11 Miscellaneous Math Summation of Four Primes Last Digits Toys
15.11 Strings Automated Judge Script Spam Crypt Kicker II
22.11 Bußtag No lecture No assignment  
29.11 Grids Gym Shake Waldorf
6.12 Trees Xplosives Tree Recovery Trees
13.12 Graph Algorithms I Stable Marriage Island Hopping Bicolor
20.12 Graph Algorithms II Travel Agency No assignment Hanoi
10.1 Dynamic Programming Permutation Inversions Tug of War Edit Distance
17.1 Artificial Intelligence Planks Hour Glass Sentences
24.1 Sorting Longest Nap Roman Roads Network Logs
31.1 Review Maximum Sum No assignment Cat in the Hat
13.2 Final Exam 14:00 - 17:00 Städtisches Kaufhaus 2-08  

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