Lutz Maicher Research on Topic Maps Technologies
Meet me at:
October,10-12, 2007 in Leipzig
"TMRA 2007"
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2-4 April 2008 in Oslo
"Topic Maps 2008"
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15-17 October 2008 in Leipzig
"TMRA 2008"
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Since 2007, all my air travels are climate neutralised with atmosfair.
(Ab 2007 sind meine Flugreisen klimaneutralisiert mit atmosfair.)
TMWiki - Topic Maps to rule them all
Cited from TMWiki:"TMWiki is a wiki about topic maps. Our aim is, to be an entry-point to the topic map universe. We try to collect and present all information a user needs to understand what topics maps are for and how they can be used. This web page is also a test platform for various topic map software. The TMwiki enables also the collaborative development of Topic Maps combined with an graphical Topic Map viewer (TMV). With the TMV everyone can view available topic maps and is able to alter and expand the content of the topic maps."

The Topic Maps Visualiser provided by Hendrik Thomas, the originator of TMWiki, allows to browse and edit the bibMap online.

Have a look at our project Musica migrans.
I have published the submitted copy of my doctoral thesis about "Autonomous Topic Maps"
I have published my working draft for the mapping between the Dublin Core Abstract Model (DCAM) and the Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM). Get the submitted paper for TMRA 2007.