The Conference on Groups and Topological Groups (GTG) takes place twice a year and has a long tradition. It started in 1972 with a joint seminar by Professor Strambach (University of Erlangen) and Professor Thoma (Technical University of Munich). Soon Professor Kegel (University of Freiburg) and Professor Heineken (University of Würzburg) joined in and a lively exchange began. Since then, GTG has become a fruitful and interesting meeting of experts in group theory and related areas and is open to anybody interested in these areas. In particular, students and young researchers have always been encouraged to participate.

On June 7 and 8, 2013 the next Conference on Groups and Topological Groups will be held at the University of Leipzig.

We are happy to announce as invited speakers:

Everyone is welcome to participate.

Manfred Droste and Andreas Berthold Thom

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A list of previous meetings in this series is maintained at the TU Wien.