CALI -- a REDUCE package
for computational commutative algebra

AUTHOR : Hans-Gert Graebe
ADDRESS : Univ. Leipzig, Institut f. Informatik, D - 04109 Leipzig, Germany

Short description

The REDUCE package CALI contains algorithms for computations in commutative algebra closely related to the Groebner algorithm for ideals and modules. There are facilities for local computations, using a modern implementation of Mora's standard basis algorithm, that works for arbitrary term orders. This reflects the full analogy between modules over local rings and homogeneous (in fact H-local) modules over polynomial rings.

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The current version 2.2 was finished at Febr. 14, 1995.

The package (tested with Reduce 3.5-3.7) is available as tgz-File and contains the package sources, test and demo files.

apl. Prof. Dr. H.-G. Gräbe