H.-G. Gräbe: Verschiedene Software-Projekte

H.-G. Gräbe: CALI - a REDUCE Package for Commutative Algebra, Version 2.2, June 1995

R. Hemmecke: Calix - Standard basis algorithm for ideals and modules in a unified environment using Axiom-XL

H.-G. Gräbe: GeoProver (1998 - 2002)
Version 1.3, Jan 2003
The GeoProver is a small package for mechanized (plane) geometry manipulations with non degeneracy tracing, available for different CAS platforms (Maple, MuPAD, Mathematica, and Reduce).
A forthcoming version (under development) will more clearly distiguish between the geometric proof/display scheme and its algebraic realization.

apl. Prof. Dr. H.-G. Gräbe