Use the dictionary online

Get the new version (July 2002)

Use the dictionary offline

To install the dictionary server, follow the following instructions.
  1. Check that a Java interpreter (e.g., java or jre) is installed on your computer. (On Windows, open a DOS box and type "jre -version" or "java -version" and see if the version number of Java is printed.)
  2. Download the server program (200 KB)
  3. Download at least one of the databases (the other can be installed optionally.)
  4. Extract the files, and to some directory. NB: Don't extract!!!
  5. Modify the file in that directory. The following entries are relevant: The following databases can be configured:
  6. Modify the script for starting the server (startServer on Unix, startServer.bat on Windows), i.e., change the path of the Java interpreter to point to the correct location. If JDK1.2.x is used, change the interpreter's name to java.
Now you can start the dictionary server by going to its home directory and run startServer. While the server is running it can be accessed from any Web browser at the URL http://yourhost:port where yourhost is the name or the IP address of your computer and port is the port number specified in the file

The source code of the program is distributed under GNU General Public License. If you modify it, please send me back your modifications.