AmLich - Âm lịch Việt Nam cho cho điện thoại di động

About AmLich - Lunar calendar for mobile phones

AmLich is a lunar calendar application for Java-capable mobile phones, developed by Hồ Ngọc Đức. It computes and displays Vietnamese lunar dates (Âm lịch) for dates between 1700 and 2199.


Download, extract the files Amlich.jar and Amlich.jad, follow the installation guide of your phone to transfer those files to your phone.

You may need to install additional fonts to display Vietnamese characters correctly. Consult your phone's manual or search the internet for details. For Nokia phones, download font Tahoma, extract and copy the file tahoma.gdr to C:\system\fonts

Older versions

If the most current version doe not work well for your phone, you may try an older version.


Currently selected day is shown in a box. Starting day of lunar month (ngày mùng 1 tháng âm lịch) is underlined.

Use LEFT, RIGHT (on many phones: key 4 and 6) to go 1 day backwards/forwards. Use UP, DOWN (the UP/DOWN buttons or keys 2 and 8 on many phones) to go 1 week backwards or forwards.

To see details of currently selected day, push the FIRE button (usually key 5 on mobile phones) or activate command "View current".

To select another month, push the FIRE button or activate the command "View current". A screen will appear that allows you to enter another date.

To view help, activate the "Help" command

If your device supports pointer, you can navigate around with it. Tap a day to select it. Tap again to view its details. Tap the button "<<", "<", ">", ">>" to move 1 month or 1 year.