LunarCal - Âm lịch Việt Nam cho máy Palm

About LunarCal - Lunar calendar for Palm OS

LunarCal.prc is a lunar calendar application for Palm OS, developed by Hồ Ngọc Đức. It computes and displays Vietnamese lunar dates for any year. The programs shows a solar (Gregorian) month together with the corresponding lunar dates. In each cell, the solar day ("dương lịch") is the number in the upper left corner, and the lunar day ("âm lịch") is shown in the lower right corner. To indicate lunar leap month ("nhuận"), the lunar date is underlined, e.g., 12. The names of the day, month and year of the selected day are displayed at the botton of the page.

Tapping another cell will select the day shown in that cell. You can display another month by entering the month and the year and then tap "OK". You can also tap (<) to go to the previous month or (>) to go to next month.

From the menu bar you can tap File->Today to go to the current day, File->Quit to exit the program.


Download, extract the file LunarCal.prc and transfer that file to your Palm. A new application LunarCal will appear in your application list.