Education and Graduations

1948 - 1956 Primary school

1956 - 1960 Gymnasium (Abitur)

1962 - 1968 Study of physics (Diploma - "with distinction")

1971 Quantum mechanical many particle theory of nuclear reactions (Dissertation Dr. rer. nat.)

1984 Statistical physics and irreversible thermodynamics - A new approach to the general theory of transport (Habilitation, Dr. rer. nat. habil.)

2000 - Professor (Apl.)


2007 - Affiliated Scientist at the Max Planck Institute of Mathematics in the Sciences Leipzig

2007 Retired

2000 - Professor University of Leipzig  

1989 - 2000 Senior researcher (Privatdozent) at University of Leipzig, Institute of
Computer Science, Dept.of Intelligent Systems.

1971 - 1989 Researcher/Senior Researcher at the Academy of Sciences, Central Institute of Isotope and Radiation Research, Leipzig. Working in statistical physics and irreversible thermodynamics;   Quantum statistical theory of chemical reactions;  Theory of self-organization.

1979/80 Member of the 24. Soviet antarctic expedition. Glaciological and geophysical research in the Queens Maud Land.

1968 - 1971 Research Assistant, University of Leipzig.

Research stay at Einstein Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Potsdam  (1985); Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen (1991); University of Rome (1991);
    RIKEN, Tokyo (1995); University of Stirling (Scotland, 1996); Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Bangalore, India 1999), CSIRO Sydney (2008) and others.

  •  Head of research projects:

  • Lectures in Nuclear Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Neural Computation,     Robotics, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Synergetics (Theory of     Self-Organization), Signal Processing; Digital Information Processing, Algorithms and Data Structures (Basics Course for Magisters).