The GeoProver download page

AUTHOR : Hans-Gert Graebe
ADDRESS : Univ. Leipzig, Institut f. Informatik, D - 04109 Leipzig, Germany

Short description

The GeoProver is a small package for mechanized (plane) geometry manipulations with non degeneracy tracing, available for different CAS platforms (Maple, MuPAD, Mathematica, and Reduce).

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The current version 1.3 was finished at Jan 20, 2003

The packages are available as tgz-Files and contain the package sources, test and demo files.

Maple-Version (tested with Maple 8) MuPAD-Version (tested with MuPAD 2.5)
Reduce-Version (tested with Reduce 3.7) Mathematica-Version (tested with Mathematica 4.1)

Dr. H.-G. Gräbe