Graduiertenkolleg Wissensrepräsentation
at Leipzig University

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The Graduiertenkolleg has funding for 14 PhD students and 1 postdoc.

No tax is deducted from stipends. The stipends are currently DM 1750/ Euro 895 per month plus DM 200/ Euro 103 for books, travel etc. (Sachkostenzuschuss). An extra amount of DM 300/ Euro 154 is paid to members supporting a family. A further increase is possible for members of the Graduiertenkolleg with children. Stipends for postdocs are between DM 2620/ Euro 1340 and DM 2820/ Euro 1442 depending on age plus DM 200/ Euro 103 . Family support for postdocs is DM 400/ Euro 205.

In special cases 2 or 3 stipends can be combined to 1 or 2 increased stipends.

The Graduiertenkolleg is open for PhD students from all universities, also from abroad. Students from abroad should be willing to learn some German while in Leipzig. Applicants should have excellent grades. The expected time for finishing the doctoral thesis is 3 years. There is also an age restriction: candidates should in general be no older than 28 (several exceptions exist, e.g. for candidates with children).

Applications should contain information about the intended focus of research. Two persons (preferably academic teachers) should be named who can give additional information about the candidate.