Shiguang Feng


Prof. Dr. Markus Lohrey & Prof. Dr. Manfred Droste


Universität Leipzig
Institut fr Informatik
Room 416
Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49-341-9732335


Research interests

  • Quantitative temporal logic
  • Finite model theory



1. Claudia Carapelle, Shiguang Feng, Alexander Kartzow, and Markus Lohrey: Satisfiability of ECTL* with tree constraints. In 10th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia (CSR 2015), volume 9139 of LNCS, pages 94C108. Springer, 2015.

2. Shiguang Feng, Markus Lohrey, and Karin Quaas: Path checking for MTL and TPTL over data words. In 19th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory (DLT 2015), volume 9168 of LNCS, pages 326C339. Springer, 2015. 


1. Claudia Carapelle, Shiguang Feng, Oliver Fernndez Gil, and Karin Quaas: Satisfiability for MTL and TPTL over Non-monotonic Data Words. In Adrian-Horia Dediu, Carlos Martin-Vde, Jos-Luis Sierra-Rodrguez, and Bianca Truthe, editors, Language and Automata Theory and Applications, volume 8370 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 248C259. Springer International Publishing, 2014.

2. Claudia Carapelle and Shiguang Feng, Oliver Fernandez Gil, and Karin Quaas: On the Expressiveness of TPTL and MTL over -Data Words. In Zoltn Ésik and Zoltn Flö, editor, Proceedings 14th International Conference on Automata and Formal Languages, AFL 2014, Szeged, Hungary, May 27-29, 2014, volume 151 of EPTCS, pages 174C187, 2014.


1. Shiguang Feng, and Xishun Zhao: Complexity and Expressive Power of Second-order Extended Horn Logic. Mathematical Logic Quarterly 59.1\2(2013): 4-11.


1. Shiguang Feng, and Xishun Zhao: The Complexity and Expressive Power of Second-Order Extended Logic. Studies in Logic, 2012, 5(1):11-34.